AIG CTD responds over media reports of harassing families

AIG CTD responds over media reports of harassing families

KARACHI - Additional Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Dr. Kamran Fazal Monday claiming rejected that a video, which went viral on the social media about an act of harassing a couple by his squad taking his name being portrayed wrongly.

Talking to APP, he said that the incident occurred a few days ago near McNeil Road while he was travelling with his family when a car overtook his vehicle more than three times.

He asked his driver to pull over the said car so that he can talk to the driver and ask him not to drive recklessly. "I asked my squad to go and request the person driving the car to get off the car and meet me. My squad talked to him very politely, which can also be seen in the video", the AIGP stated.

He said, when was asked why he did not stepped out of his car to enquire the same, that the CTD officials have life threats and that is why he did so.

"There was nothing personal with the couple in video and their vehicle was not pulled over for any other reason," Dr. Kamran concluded.