Saudi Arabia to launch US style permanent residency plan

RIYADH: Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud claimed that Saudi Arabia is planning to launch US style permanent residency system.


He claimed that more foreign workers will be hired and huge revenue would be generated under this programme.


He said in an interview “The Green Card-like programme and a plan to allow employers to hire more foreign workers above their official quotas for a fee could generate $10 billion a year each.”


He claimed that this initiative will develop confidence in expatriates that they are a part of the country and they could serve more for the kingdom.


Deputy crown prince said “The new system will bring a lot of economic and social benefits. Non-Saudis will pay what the Saudis pay including Zakat, value added tax and insurance premiums. They will be allowed to own real estate and run trade, industry and service firms.”


Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia lauded the initiative taken by Deputy Crown Prince.