MQM candidates clinches victory in PS-115 and NA-245 but voter turnout surprises all


KARACHI: According to unofficial results, MQM candidates succeeded to win both PS-115 and NA-245 slots in by-polls with a big margin but voter turnout remained extremely low in by-elections.


As per details, MQM candidate Kamal Malik secured 39,597 votes in NA-245 while his political rival PPP candidate Shahid Hussain could only bag 3116 votes. PTI candidate Amjad Ullah Khan got 1489 votes despite of his withdrawal in favour of MQM candidate while voter turnout remained 11.21%.


In PS-115 by-polls, MQM candidate Fasial Rafique left his opponents far behind and succeeded to win the slot, securing 11,747 votes. Muhajir Qaumi Movement candidate Jamil Qadri and PTI candidate Amjad Asif could not succeed to win the by-elections and secured 1381 and 1210 votes respectively while voter turnout remained 9.20% in PS-115 as only 14,739 voters cast their votes out of registered 162,000 voters.


Clashes have also been reported between MQM and Muhajir Qaumi Movement workers but Police and Rangers timely respond and overcome the clashes.


MQM celebrated its victory and distributed sweets among their workers and supporters.


It is also worthy to mention here that both seats had fallen vacant after the resignation of MQM, Rehan Hashmi and Arshad Vohra.