Pakistan Navy Submarine kept entire Indian Navy fleet on hunt for 21 days, Not in 1965 but in 2019

Pakistan Navy Submarine kept entire Indian Navy fleet on hunt for 21 days, Not in 1965 but in 2019

ISLAMABAD - Indian media had claimed that a Pakistan Navy link Submarine Saad suddenly ‘vanished’. Linking post-fake across the LOC strike to disappearance of a submarine seems nothing less than a reduction ad absurdum. Indian link news broadcasters forgot to appreciate the outcome of publishing such a thoughtless story, which comprehensively exposed Indian link navy.

Submarine story suggests that the Indian link navy had shackled itself to what may link be called the ‘operational treachery’, i.e., consistently failing to live up to its acclaimed size and strength. Indian link media link reported that ‘vanishing act’ of Saad forced the entire Indian link navy to focus its efforts in finding and forcing the Pakistani link submarine out of its operating depth. While citing nameless ‘sources’, the Indian link media link noted that Saad was a “major threat to security of the country [India]”.

Re-establishing, Pakistani link submarine Fleet supremacy like 1965 war, when entire Indian link Navy Fleet remained blocked inside Ports due fear of lone PN Submarine Ghazi link.

The Gujarat coast, waters off Mumbai link and Maharashtra were searched for days, claimed the Indian link media link, by anti-submarine warfare ships and long range maritime patrol aircraft. Additionally, Chakra-II (the Russian link Akula class nuclear link submarine) and Kalvari (the French Scorpene class submarine) were also tasked to hunt for Saad, maintains the Indian link media link. Extensive search was also conducted through satellites link, and after 21 days, observes the Indian link media link, Saad was found in Pakistan’s western seaboard purportedly “hiding to ensure a covert capability”.

It took Indian link navy, an aspirant of global reach and power projection, nearly a month to find where exactly was a lone conventional submarine that had the ability to jeopardize the security of entire India link. Cumulative result link of using Anti Submarine Warfare ships and aircraft, nuclear link submarines and the satellites link was a mythical absurdity about Saad operating in Pakistani link western waters.

This reflects some of the starkest realities and truths about the Indian link navy’s operational culture, which besides being comprehensively reductionists, is rooted deep into self deception and illusions.