Pak Suzuki increased prices of 2019 Alto AGS variant

Pak Suzuki increased prices of 2019 Alto AGS variant

ISLAMABAD - The newly introduced 2019 Alto is Suzuki’s cheapest car in Pakistan at the moment. However, its automatic variant now costs 1,325,000.

The Automotive Development Policy 2016-2021, despite all its promises, has failed to address the underlying problems and one of them is that companies like Suzuki are still operating as they please.

For instance, Pak Suzuki sent a notice to everyone who pre-booked 2019 Alto demanding an additional Rs. 23,000 for its AGS variant.

The pre-booking price was Rs. 1,302,000 and now Pak Suzuki is demanding Rs. 1,325,000.

Here is an official copy of the notice:

[image: Image may contain: text]

Pak Suzuki claims that the auto policy enables them to implement this however, there is no mention of such a statement in the policy which is attached below.

The social media is up in arms to expose Pak Suzuki’s tactics to extort money from the customers without any repercussions. Some people suggested reporting Pak Suzuki to the Citizen’s Portal while others claimed that they should boycott Suzuki’s cars altogether.