Bomb blast in Indian Punjab border district

Bomb blast in Indian Punjab border district

LAHORE - A Bomb blast has been reported in Indian Punjab border district. Two people killed and one injured in a blast in Punjab's border district of Tarn Taran.

The bomb was in a bottle, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said on Friday.

"The three people were digging a pit during the night and were trying to make a bomb in a bottle with a mixture of some chemicals that exploded. Two died in this incident and one had injuries in his eyes," Singh said in Batala in Gurdaspur district.

"We will find out who were making these bombs, how were they being made and for whom these bombs were being made. It will be known," the chief minister said.

A specialised post-blast investigation team of the National Security Guards visited the explosion site on Friday, a day after a team of the National Investigating Agency visited there.