Bilawal Bhutto hints at alliance with PTI on one condition

Bilawal Bhutto hints at alliance with PTI on one condition

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has stated that until the PTI is not found involved in the events of May 9, no alliance can be considered. If PTI is not involvement in the events of May 9, then the idea of an alliance with the PTI can be considered.

The Pakistan Peoples Party will contest elections in every constituency. Speaking at a news conference, he said that the promise of bread, clothing, and shelter for Shaheed Zulfikar Bhutto, we are going to fulfill that promise. Jacobabad is the hottest place in the world; we will invest in our infrastructure and agriculture.

Considering climate change, we will have to change our entire system, for the program I hope is that your place is your land. In flood-affected areas, we will build solid houses for the people. Preparation for elections is always ongoing for one party; it is only one group that is always ready. The Punjab has faced floods, but the media and no politician has paid any attention.

When I was the foreign minister, the voice of the people of Palestine was raised on every forum. The current situation can only be said that the people of Pakistan have always stood with the people of Palestine; whatever we can do, this is not just the thinking of the Pakistan Peoples Party.

I went to India and tried to represent the people of Kashmir on Indian soil. Democratic politicians will say that the solution to all problems is elections, democratic political parties always see the solution to every problem in elections. The people should get a chance to vote.

Whoever comes in the government will have an easy time representing the people when elected. I don't think politicians like Maulana Fazlur Rehman will make any statement against the election; we are all democratic parties; we are always ready for the election.

Thank God Khawaja Asif also appeared today, the entire burden of the Muslim League N should not be lifted; Nawaz Sharif is coming to Pakistan after a long time. I am not satisfied with the preparations for the reception.

When Madam Benazir Bhutto was returning, there was a celebration from the announcement to the return. There were PPP flags in every street in the whole country.

Inflation is the biggest issue of the people; the ruling government cannot provide relief to the people. Elections should be held, whether PPP or PML-N wins, whoever wins, elections should be held so that relief can be given to the people.