Disgruntled Marvi Memon blasts PML N leadership and workers over "mummy daddy" politics tweets

Disgruntled Marvi Memon blasts PML N leadership and workers over

*ISLAMABAD: Disgruntled leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Marvi Memon on Tuesday advised party leaders and workers to initiate ‘Jail Bharo’ movement in order to express their love and affection to the party supreme leader Nawaz Sharif.*

Taking a jibe at PML-N in her tweet, she said PML-N is nothing and carrying out politics of mummy daddy tweets.

Addressing the party workers in her tweet, miss Memon said those who are claiming to sacrifice their lives for the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, why hesitating from initiating ‘*Jail Bharo Tehreek*’?

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Pmln don’t bother trolling me-wil fall on deaf ears n u wil b blocked n u wil Mis candid tweets for future. Also if U ppl were real shairs wth no compromises u wld die4 ur quaid by doin JAIL BHARO.rally isn’t worth ur love for him. N is cosmetic n mummy daddy tweet politics

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Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif will surrender himself to the Kot Lakhpat Jail authorities later in the day, today upon completion of his six-week bail period granted to him by the Supreme Court for medical treatment.

Sharif, whose bail term would expire at midnight, will return to the jail along with a procession of party workers and leaders led by his daughter Maryam Nawaz in a bid to flex political muscles.