Why a campaign has been launched against big three auto car makers of Pakistan?

Why a campaign has been launched against big three auto car makers of Pakistan?

LAHORE – A social media campaign has started against Pakistani local auto manufacturers, Toyota, Honda and Suzuki for manufacturing vehicles without safety features and decade old designs in high prices.

Facebook page CAMBT ‘Campaign Against Monopoly of Big Three’ has raised its voice against the monopoly of three local auto manufacturers and has contacted the Supreme Court of Pakistan to look into the matter.

“The automobile industry of Pakistan is a small and growing one. Honda, Suzuki, and Toyota are the only noticeable companies. Due to such a limited number of companies, these companies have created their monopoly. When the Government increases taxes on the companies, they increase the prices of their car. They do what they want to and no one makes them accountable for that.” the letter states.

According to their version, three leading automakers in Pakistan are defrauding the consumers. They feel that the prices at which vehicles are sold in Pakistan are completely unjustified and the Supreme Court of Pakistan should take action against it.

CAMBT has demanded to decrease import duties and taxes and increase the safety features in locally produced cars.

In a post, they said, “Both Government and The Big Three are looting us. Kindly do not puzzle with the thing that we are favouring either Government or this Mafia. We are spreading awareness to the nation that both of them are sucking our blood mercilessly and don’t waste you’re hard earned money on these scrap cars.”

However, some of the Facebook followers are opposing their campaign as they believe that if the government removes or reduces the import duties, the local auto industry will collapse resulting in downsizing of thousands of assembly plants workers.