Top Army General warns against organised campaign against Pakistan

Top Army General warns against organised campaign against Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee General Zubair Mahmood Hayat has unveiled enemy designs against Pakistan.

He said on Monday that enemies of the country were systematically spreading fake news about the country.

“However, despite the evil designs [of enemy states], a strong and stable future awaits Pakistan,” Hayat stated while addressing the Pakistan Summit in Islamabad on Monday.

The top general maintained that the summit was a step in the right direction at an appropriate time, as information, diplomacy, the army and economy were the four basic pillars of a state in the current era.

“Information is the strength of today, but it also being misused. False impressions are given about Pakistan deliberately and fake news against the country is spread in an organised manner,” Hayat told the gathering.

“If any criminal in the world commits a crime, international headlines are not made, but if a Pakistani criminal does something then why all those headlines?” he asked.

The general also stressed that CPEC was going to be a game changer for the region, and that Pakistan was about to become world’s 18th biggest economy in 2020.

“People such as Abdul Sattar Eidhi, Malala Yousafzai and Arfa Karim are the face of Pakistan. All of you should also come forward and tell the world that Pakistan’s positive list is much longer than the negative,” Hayat said to the gathering.

The top military official stressed that Pakistan was not just created for the rich.

“Enemies were never pleased with the creation of Pakistan, and Pakistan’s neighbour was always busy in defaming Pakistan.”

He added that the country had faced political and cultural globalisation after the cold war, and sacrificed a lot in the war against terror.

“No country in the world ever came close to our accomplishments. Pakistan is experiencing some issues of extremism, governance and security, but is not India facing all these issues?” he noted.

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