Top Actress and Pakistani Model Iqra Aziz in trouble


*KARACHI:* Pakistani television actor and model Iqra Aziz has been served with a legal notice by the talent agency, Citrus Talent, for violating the terms of her contract.

In an Instagram story, CEO of Citrus Talent, Fahad Hussain, wrote that his lawyer has served a legal notice to Iqra Aziz “as she breached the Talent Exclusivity Agreement dated 14 June 2017 and bypassed Citrus Talent by locking an ad through Ms Maida Azmat of Mint PR and Image Consultancy.”

He elaborated that this was “done despite the fact that Iqra and Maida were repeatedly reminded about the contractual obligations of Iqra towards Citrus Talent.”

A legal notice has also been issued to Maida Azmat for “torturous interference and inducing Iqra Aziz to breach exclusivity contract.”