PIA faces another set back: Multiple flights stuck at International airport


ISLAMABAD - Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) faces another set back as multiple flights have been stuck at internationa airport.

The financial crisis is becoming worst as the airline has become a defaulter of the international fuel supplier World Fuel Services (WFS). Aviation fuel supplier at Dubai Airport refused to fill PIA aircraft as 3 PIA flights are now stuck at Dubai airport. PIA’s flight roster has been badly disturbed.

Sources rebealed that World Fuel Services (WFS) is the registered vendor of PIA for the supply of aviation fuel. Despite many reminders, the airline was not able to pay its dues on time. On Monday, WFS stopped fuel supply to PIA aircraft at Dubai International Airport.

Due to non-availability of fuel, 3 flights have not been able to take off from Dubai airport. PIA flight PK-212 for Islamabad, PK-284 for Peshawar and PK-204 for Lahore are still waiting for fuel. Due to delay in flights, hundreds of passengers flying with PIA are waiting at the airport.

PIA spokesperson has said that the management is in contact with WFS authorities. And hopefully, the issue will be resolved in coming hours.