Nawaz Sharif now wants top court Judges appointment procedure changed

Nawaz Sharif now wants top court Judges appointment procedure changed

ISLAMABAD – Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed on Monday that the procedure for the appointment of judges needs to be revised, for which the Parliament should play an effective role.

In an informal discussion with newsmen outside the accountability court in Islamabad, the former premier asserted that the standard operating procedure of Supreme Judicial Council should also be changed.

Commenting on the accountability court trial, the Supreme Leader of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz expressed that he was being targeted, wondering whether the graft cases filed against him, were a message for the Sharif family.

Decrying that nothing substantial was found against Sharifhaif family despite a lapse of eight months, the former legislator quipped that should Sharif family itself provide a smoking gun to the court.

The PML-N leader explained that he had also discussed filing an acquittal plea in the court, citing that not an iota of corruption was proved against him.

‘Only politicians are held accountable in Pakistan’ he declared and added that a new system would be introduced after PML-N secures victory in upcoming elections.

Talking about the recent defections in the party, the 68-years-old politician expressed that the lawmakers were threatened, harassed and even pressurized by the National Accountability Bureau for changing the loyalties, however, the faithful stood by the party.

He also stressed that the statement of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman, Imran Khan, regarding the role played by the army for manoeuvring elections should be investigated.

The former lawmaker also revealed that he had a discussion with Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to make the NAB laws ineffective.

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