Indian former PM reveals his interaction with Mohammad Ali Jinnah at Lahore in 1945


LAHORE - The Jinnah-AMU controversy has brought out a historical gem about former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. It appears that the noted economist once struck Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah . But it wasn't an act of intended by violence by any stretch of imagination.

Singh, who’s in Bengaluru to campaign for the Karnataka Assembly elections told journalists that when he was a youngster, he was quite a hockey enthusiast.

However, he probably didn’t realise that he’d end up hitting the Pakistan founder.

Singh was playing hockey in Lahore in 1945 and accidentally struck him with a stray ball. He was quoted saying by *News 18: *“I had met Jinnah at Lahore in 1945. He used to live close to my house and we used to play hockey near his house. One day a ball played by me hit Mr Jinnah , fortunately, he was not injured. Jinnah was standing outside his house watching us play when my shot hit him.”

A picture of Jinnah at Aligarh Muslim University has sparked a row. Amid the ongoing protest in Aligarh Muslim University over the portrait of Pakistan's founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah , examinations in the varsity have been postponed till May 12.

"Examinations in Aligarh Muslim University have been postponed till May 12 due to the ongoing protests," Public Relations Officer, Umar Salim Parizda told ANI.

The controversy surrounding Jinnah 's poster triggered after BJP Aligarh MP Satish Gautam wrote a letter to AMU's Vice-Chancellor seeking an explanation on the portrait of Pakistan's founder in the students' union office.

The portrait of Jinnah has been hanging on a wall in the students union's office at AMU for decades.

Last week, a clash broke out between students of the AMU and the police over the matter.

Internet services were also suspended in the varsity to prevent the communal flare-up over the issue

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