Has Rahul Gandhi secretly married Congress female MLA?


[image: Web Desk] <link>*LUCKNOW: Visibly upset over viral reports of marriage with India’s Congress President Rahul, Gandhi, the female MLA from the same party has expressed her link-up with Gandhi scion.*

“I am really saddened by such baseless rumours being spread. Rahulji is like an elder brother to me. I ritualistically tie rakhi on his wrist. Those behind the link-up are absolutely wrong and aim to malign my image as also that of Rahul Gandhiji,” Aditi Singh told the Indian media.

[image: Aditi Singh Rahul Gandhi marriage] <link>

Aditi said, “Talk of my marriage with Rahul Gandhi is a propaganda in the wake of the Karnataka elections. The intention appears to be to distract the Congress leadership and workers toiling in Karnataka. It is anyone’s guess who could be behind it.”

Photographs showing Rahul with Aditi, and their families began circulating on social media on Saturday. The caption said that Rahul had finally found a match and that Sonia Gandhi was talking to Aditi’s family to finalise things for the match.

[image: Aditi Singh Rahul Gandhi marriage] <link>

On Sunday, 29-year-old Aditi tweeted: ” Afwaah phailane wale baaz aayein (those behind the rumour must mind themselves).”

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