7 Indian engineers kidnapping in Afghanistan: Latest developments in the case


KABUL - A local security officials in northern Baghlan province are saying that the efforts are underway by the Afghan forces and the government officials as well as the local tribal elders for the release of Indian engineers who were abducted earlier today in this province.

Provincial police spokesman Zabiullah Shuja confirmed that the seven Indian engineers were abducted from the vicinity of Cheshma-e-Sher earlier tooday.

He said the Indian engineers were working on a project for the construction of substation and were kidnapped by the militants as they were travelling in the area to inspect the work progress.

Shuja further added that the driver of the engineers is also missing and an operation is underway for their release.

In the meantime, provincial governor, Abdul Nemati said the security forces and the local officials are busy tracking the missing engineers and their driver.

He said apart from the security forces and the government officials, the local tribal elders have also stepped up efforts for the release of the missing people.

Nemati assured that the missing Indian engineers and their driver will be released soon.

The anti-government armed militant groups including Taliban militants have not commented regarding the report so far.