PAF receives first batch of semi stealth 4.5 gen J - 10C fighter jets from China

PAF receives first batch of semi stealth 4.5 gen J - 10C fighter jets from China

Images circulating on different social media platforms suggest that the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has received the first batch of Chengdu J-10C semi-stealth 4.5-gen advanced multi-role fighter jets from China.

Last month, Chinese plane spotters shared unofficial images of two J-10C fighters with PAF markings undergoing test flights at the airbase of Chengdu Aircraft Corporation, a Chinese aerospace conglomerate that designs and manufactures combat aircraft.

The appearance of these images on social media platforms suggested that it was only a matter of time before the PAF receives the delivery of the first batch of J-10Cs from China.

Last year in December, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed had revealed that 25 J-10C fighter jets of PAF will perform a fly-over on the Pakistan Day Parade on 23 March 2022.

In July last year, it was initially reported that Pakistan will get a total of 36 J-10C fighter jets from China. This means the remaining jets will be delivered in the second batch.

Many aspects of the J-10C mid-sized fighter jet, including the size, aerodynamic characteristics, aviation, weapon systems, and overall combat capability are comparable to the Rafale fighter jet of the Indian Air Force (IAF).

This is why the Interior Minister had asserted that the J-10C fighter jets of PAF would counter the Rafale fighter jets of India. More About Chengdu J-10C

The single-engine tail-less canard delta wing J-10C features fly-by-wire flight controls and an AESA fire control radar. It is made of composite materials for high strength and lower weight. Its internal armament consists of a Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-23 twin-barrel cannon, located underneath the port side of the intake.

Other weaponry and equipment are mounted externally on 11 hardpoints, to which 6,000 kg of either missiles or bombs, drop-tanks containing fuel, or other equipment such as avionics pods can be attached.

Air-to-air missiles deployed by the J-10C may include short-range air-to-air missiles such as the PL-8 and PL-10, medium-range radar-guided air-to-air missiles such as the PL-12 and PL-15, unguided and precision-guided munitions such as laser-guided bombs, air-to-surface missiles such as KD-88, anti-ship missiles such as the YJ-91A, and anti-radiation missiles such as the YJ-91.