Modi’s India a big threat to global security

Modi’s India a big threat to global security

India under Narendra Modi is becoming a big threat to the global community as yet another case of smuggling of huge quantity of highly radioactive uranium has surfaced once again in Jharkhand state within a span of few weeks.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service said that seven people have been arrested by Jharkhand police for possessing and planning to sell mineral uranium in black market.

Illegal sale of uranium in Jharkhand is the 2nd time that highly radioactive material has been seized this year in India.

In India, twelve cases relating to seizure of high quality uranium have been reported since 1994.

The report suggested that US, France and other nuclear states should rethink of providing civil nuclear technology to irresponsible India as behaviour of Modi-led dispensation has risked the world security.

It urged the IAEA to impose sanctions on India for irresponsibly handling nuclear material.