NDMA clears over 524,500 hectares of desert locust swarms

NDMA clears over 524,500 hectares of desert locust swarms

        ISLAMABAD,(APP):National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has so far cleared locust from over 524,500 hectares of land during the ongoing operation in vulnerable districts of the country.

According to spokesman, some 1,122 teams have been executing the surveillance and anti locust spray operation in the across country locust hit districts. The survey of over 355,000 hectares of land and spray of over 4,230 hectare of areas had been carried out in the last 24 hours.

In Balochistan the anti locust spraying was carried out at  over 3,500 hectare areas of the land.

In Punjab over 30 hectare of areas had  been sprayed  while the treatment of over 600 hectare of lands have been carried out in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Likewise, 100 hectare of lands had been cleared from the locust in Sindh.

The spokesman said a total of 46 districts, 33 of Balochistan, nine of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, one of Punjab and three of Sindh, had been hit by the locust swarms.

Notably, locusts were spotted in

Khuzdar, Awaran, Naushki, Chaghi, Gwadar, Athal, Ketch, Panjgur, Kharan, Vishok, Quetta and other districts of Balochistan.

Several districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including Dera Ismael Khan, Tank, North and South Waziristan, Lakki Marvat, Karak, Kurram, Naushera and Khyber were affected with locust attacks.

In Punjab, the locust hit areas included Mianwali.

Likewise, the affected areas of Sindh included, Matyari, Jamshoro and Hyderabad.