Pakistan - Afghanistan border management: Challanges and Way Forward

Pakistan - Afghanistan border management: Challanges and Way Forward

ISLAMABAD: While taking concrete measures to improve the border management between Pakistan and Afghanistan, a new mechanism has been imposed by Pakistani authorities over border crossing points that ensure every Afghan entrant in Pakistan carries legal travel documents.

As per details, border management is an important issue for both countries as previously people living near border areas of both countries entered without any legal documents.

Pakistani officials argued that improving border management is necessary to stop the militants crossing border with locals for terrorist activities while it has become a serious security issue for both countries.

Chinese Xinhua news agency said in its news analysis that militants movement through border has always remained a big challenge in the restoration of both countries ties so both countries need to take effective step in order to improve border control system.

Expressing his concerns over the visa requirements for all the travellers by Pakistan, Afghanistan Ambassador Omer Zakhiwal said that these are strict requirements for travellers through Torkham and other crossing points from Afghanistan.

Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesperson Nafees Zikria responded over the concerns of Omer Zakiwal saying that Pakistan is desirous to improve border management as it is the part of counter-terrorism efforts of Pakistan and it is in larger interest of both countries.