LRH launches gigantic project to increase beds for COVID-19 patients by 3pc

LRH launches gigantic project to increase beds for COVID-19 patients by 3pc

ISLAMABAD-The Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) Peshawar has launched a mega project to increase beds for coronavirus patients by three percent, computerize record of patients and provide online advice to ailing people of the remote areas by specialists doctors.

Under the project, extensive training to doctors, nurses and paramedics would be provided against COVID-19, officials in LRH told APP on Tuesday.

The computerization of patients record would help end the outdated system of examining patients through papar receipt and medical, surgical and diagnostic tests record of all patients would be obtained on fingertips that would help save time of doctors.

Currently, 1,800 beds were available in LRH out of which 44 were reserved for ICU that would be increased to 206 in near future.

Similarly, 156 beds were reserved for high dependency units which would be enhanced to 491.

A total of 200 beds were reserved for COVID-19 patients that would be increased up to 535 patients soon.

The meeting between COVID-19 patients and their relatives were being arranged through video links and digital media where doctors and health staff were also being seen to remove fear of the patients.

Under telemedicine project, he said over 25,00 patients of remote areas have obtained opinions from specialists doctors through digital and telephone services.

Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in March this year, the colonial era LRH has been entertaining influx of coronavirus patients from across the province.

The hospital, named after wife of Victoria of Indian Lord Reading in 1927, is well known across the province as well as the country due to best health services being provided to patients by experts doctors in many specialties including the fatal coronavirus.

LRH came under enormous pressure of the suspected coronavirus patients in last five months seeking early diagnoses and treatment, but its computerized healthcare system, treatment and medical facilities remained unmatched during the pandemic.

As result, many of the coronavirus affected patients returned homes upon full recovery from the disease due to unprecedented services of its doctors and others health professionals during coronavirus crisis.

The KP's premier hospital remained a center of hope for thousands of patients in every crisis whether it was 2005 earthquake, war against terror, coronavirus pandemic and has never disappointed the nation.

Patients from all KP's 35 districts including seven merged tribal districts and even from Afghanistan were utilizing its services due to significant improvement in its healthcare system, strengthening of infrastructure and medical, diagnostic and surgical services that turned around during last seven years in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The increase of beds in ICU and high dependency units was the need of the hour keeping in view of the increased cases of coronavirus in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.