Salman Khan lands in trouble yet again

Salman Khan lands in trouble yet again

MUMBAI – Bollywood star Salman Khan is being accused of harassing his farm house’s elderly neighbors for property.

Ketan Kakkar and his wife Anita Kakkar had shifted to Mumbai from America three years ago and they wanted to build a bungalow in Panvel. The couple alleged that earlier Salman Khan used to play a good neighbor when he used to visit his farmhouse but now when he has got the inkling about a new bungalow that the couple wants to build here, his mannerisms towards them has taken a turn for the worse, reported

The family purchased the land in1996 for Rs2.7 million after the permission of Khan. They said that even after legally buying the property, they are not allowed to live there.

The Kakkar family also told that they had asked for help from forest minister Sudhir Mungantivar who had promised to take a legal action against the actor but nothing has been done in this regard.