I will resign if someone can prove "God" exists: Philippines President

I will resign if someone can prove

MANILA - Phillippine President Rodrigo Duterte recently raised a massive storm by calling God 'stupid'. And now, he has gone a step beyond by promising to resign 'if anyone can prove God exists.'

Duterte has had a pricky relation with the church and had questioned why people around the world believe in God. After expressing his reservations about God's existence, Duterte went on to challenge anyone who can prove him wrong. "Where is the logic of God there?" he was quoted as saying by Associated Press at a science and technology event on Friday. He was also quoted as saying that he would resign if 'there's even a single witness' who can prove, with a picture or selfie that man can indeed talk to and see God.

Duterte has received condemnation from around the world for his claims doubting God but the most scathing has been the attacks from his political rivals. Some of them have even gone to the extent of calling him 'stupid'. A Catholic bishop, reported local media, termed the Phillippine President as a 'psychopath.'

For Duterte though, criticism and being called names is nothing new and hardly a deterrent.