Salman Butt gets a clean chit from ICC

Salman Butt gets a clean chit from ICC

DUBAI - Pakistan former captain Salman Butt has emerged clean after investigations by the ICC’s Anti-Corruption unit didn’t find him involved in dubious activities during the Ajman All-Stars T20 league tournament.

“They asked me some questions and I cooperated with them completely. They were satisfied with what I had to say and I have now got clearance from any involvement in any dubious happenings in the tournament in Ajman,” Butt told PTI.

Butt, who became infamous for his involvement in a spot fixing scandal in 2010, and as a result served a five-year ban for it, said that he was concerned after the ICC announced it will be investigating some the dubious league.

“It was very worrying for me given what I have been through in the past due to my own blunders. Since serving the ban and returning to cricket I have tried to restrict my socialising and keeping away from off the field activities to keep a clean chit,” Butt said.

Earlier, the Pakistan Cricket Board gave Butt the green signal to play in the latest edition of the Dhaka Premier League, a popular Bangladesh club franchise which runs until March 20.