Russian consulate in Damascus comes under heavy mortar shelling

Russian consulate in Damascus comes under heavy mortar shelling

DAMASCUS - The Russian Foreign Ministry reported of mortar shelling on the country's trade representative building in the Syrian capital. No casualties were sustained, but the building itself is severely damaged.

The ministry urged international and regional partners to make objective value judgments about the shelling.

"There are no casualties. The building has suffered significant damage. We strongly condemn yet another terrorist attack against the diplomatic mission of Russia in Damascus, which has become a link in the chain of crimes committed by them [terrorists] against the civilian population of the Syrian <link>capital in recent days," the ministry said in a statement.

Shortly before that, a source told Sputnik that the diplomatic area of Damascus sustained mortar shelling on Tuesday, adding that the building of the Russian trade mission of was bombed.

Addressing the incident, the Russian Foreign Ministry the attack took place on February 6 at approximately 4 p.m. local time [1 p.m. GMT], when a 120-mm mine landed in the building (which is now suspended, but continues to have a diplomatic immunity).

"We call on international and regional partners to take an unbiased look at what is happening, and to give a proper and principled assessment of the actions of those who commit terrorist attacks directed against diplomatic missions, religious buildings and humanitarian missions," the statement said.

According to Syria's state SANA news agency, the shelling from rebel areas on parts of the old city of Damascus killed at least three people and left eight people injured.