Russia to start offering spacewalks for tourists

Russia to start offering spacewalks for tourists

MOSCOW:Russia is planning to send paying tourists on the International Space Station out on spacewalks for the first time.

It was stated by head of Russian space company Energia, Vladimir Solntsev while talking to Russian news Agency.

He said space tourism is a developing sector currently dominated by Western companies, such as the US-based Virgin Galactic, which unveiled its commercial Space Ship Two in 2016.

He said for the purpose they are launching a new module dubbed NEM-2 to transport tourists to the International Space Station.

He said the cost of such a trip could be around $100m (€80m), “possibly less for the first tourist”.

Solntsev said the NEM-2 will accommodate four to six people. It will be fitted with “comfortable” cabins, two toilets and internet access.

He said five to six tourists a year will be able to take a space trip lasting up to 10 days.

Vladimir Solntsev said the tourists will be able to go out on a spacewalk and make a film, (or) a video clip.

Meanwhile, Iranian-American entrepreneur Anousheh Ansari became the first female space tourist in 2006.APP/AFP