Five most deadly PIA plane crashes in Pakistan 

Five most deadly PIA plane crashes in Pakistan 

Following is the timeline of PIA’s five fatal crashes:

20th May, 1965: Flight named Boeing 707 of PIA crashed at Cairo International Airport while attempting to land in an inaugural flight resulting in the death of 124 people.

6th August, 1970: Flight named Fokker 727 crashed while taking off from Islamabad due to a thunderstorm resulting in the death of 30 people who were on board.

26th November, 1979: In a terrifying crash, Flight Fokker F07 was carrying Pakistani Hajj pilgrims back to home from Saudi Arabia when the plane crashed while taking off at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah. The incident caused 156 casualties.

28th September, 1992: Flight Airbus A300 of PIA crashed in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, causing 167 deaths. The cloudy weather was suggested as its cause.

25th August, 1989: The incident still remains a mystery as the PIA flight Fokker 727 after taking off from Gilgit Airport. The plane contained about 49 passengers who were never found as even the wreckage had went missing.