PM Nawaz Sharif announces enhanced package for the in service death cases

ISLAMABAD: Federal government has decided to increase the assistance package for government employees who die in service. According to revised assistance package the Grade 1 to 4 employee’s relative will get Rs. 600,000, Grade 5 to 10 employee’s relative will get 900,000 and Grade 11 to 15 employee’s will get 12,00000 in case of in- service death. As per details, the amount will be given by government between 30, 00000 to 1 crore after death in security matters. The education will be free for their children. The fund will also be given for the marriages of their daughters. The payment of package will be made within one month and the case of pension will be sent to government without any delay. Prime Minister Nawaz has approved 300% increase over the Package- 2006 for in service death of civilian employees.