At what time Lunar Eclipse would be visible in Pakistan today


According to a senior official of Met office, eclipse of moon will be visible from the western Pacific Ocean, Australia, Asia, Antarctica, Africa and most of Europe.

It will also be visible in Pakistan, he said adding, the timing of the lunar eclipse visibility here would be the Penumbral eclipse begins at 20:50PST on night of August 7, whereas partial eclipse begins at 22:23PST, which would turn into greatest eclipse at 23:20PST.

The partial eclipse would ends on 00:18PST (on August 08th), and the penumbral eclipse would end at 01:51PST (on August, 08th).

He further informed that at total solar eclipse would also occur on 20th and 21st August, i.e. (Sunday/Monday) which would (not visible in Pakistan).

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