Important development reported in COAS family data leak case

Important development reported in COAS family data leak case

ISLAMABAD: The Public Accounts Committee of the parliament has called for a criminal case against Nadra officers who allegedly breached the data and accessed personal information of the army chief’s family.

During the meeting, which was held on Thursday and chaired by MNA Noor Alam Khan, concerns were expressed over media reports of the breach. According to a report published in Dawn, Khan insisted that those involved in the data theft should be prosecuted, and military intelligence and ISI should be included in the investigation to determine how the personal information of the army chief’s family was stolen.

The Nadra chairman was summoned to the meeting, but was unable to attend due to other commitments, which agitated Khan, who expressed frustration at the news being widely circulated in the media, including a vlog in which two journalists discussed the issue.

The breach allegedly occurred in October 2022, when the personal data and travel records of COAS Asim Munir’s family were allegedly accessed by Nadra officers in an attempt to prevent his appointment as army chief. In a statement, Nadra confirmed that the family’s personal information had been accessed and stolen, and an investigation was ongoing to identify the officials involved in the breach.

In addition to the Nadra breach, the PAC meeting also discussed the Capital Development Authority audit, with Mr. Khan calling for an end to the practice of giving plots to officials, and inquiring into the number of plots given to judges, prime ministers, presidents, MNAs, senators, bureaucrats, and military officials. The meeting also ordered a special audit of the Islamabad Police’s welfare fund, and reviewed audit objections related to the Ministry of Interior for the year 2021-22.

The meeting also addressed the issue of militant attacks in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, with Mr. Khan stating that attacks have increased in his constituency, with miscreants using rocket launchers. He criticized the government’s failure to enforce its writ, and called for action to be taken to address the situation.