Actress took off clothes in public to protest sexual harassment by Film producers

Actress took off clothes in public to protest sexual harassment by Film producers

NEW DELHI - An Indian Telugu actress on Saturday took off he clothes at the Tlugu Film Chamber of Commerce in Hyderabad. As per ANI's tweet, she has stated that she has not been given a fair chance at work. The actress also alleged that women are being exploited sexually by the producers and members of the Film Chamber.

While some of the netizens considered it a publicity stunt by the aspiring actress, others came out in support of the actress. Here's what some of them had to say:

This isn't the first incident that has come to light. Soon after the Harvey Weinston scandal in Hollywood, a number of Bollywood and South Indian film actors have come out and spoken about it. Popular South actress Raai Laxmi, who made her Bollywood debut with the film Julie 2, also spoke about how the likes of Harvey Weinstein are a common occurrence in the Indian film industry.

In an earlier interview wih DNA After Hrs, Raai Laxmi had shared, "Men in power like Harvey Weinstein are dime-a-dozen in the industry. They get more strength to do and say sick things because they know that the top brass of people are doing it. Not everyone is like him but the fact remains that girls are often exploited in the entertainment industry more so because everyone is beautiful and well turned out."

However, on being asked if she has personally encountered any such situation, she said that she met quite a few but she knew how to handle the situation diplomatically and walk out.

In another interview with SpotboyE, she had narrated horrific details of what an aspiring actress had to go through during an audition. She told the portal that she has heard a lot of horrific details of how girls are exploited in the showbiz, both in B-Town and down south. She was quoted as saying, "Girls are made to strip down to their undergarments so that their bust and hip line can be checked out. Also, they are made to don bikinis in studios. Worse still, they are made to strut about."