8,000 ISIS militants have moved to Afghanistan: Afghan MPs

8,000 ISIS militants have moved to Afghanistan: Afghan MPs

KABUL - *The Members of Afghan Parliament call the Daesh project a serious threat and insist that about 8,000 ISIS militants from Syria to northern Afghanistan.*

The Lower House of Parliament summoned the Head of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) Masoum Istanikzai in today’s session to explain about the recent insecurity situation in the country, Ariana News has reported.

The lawmakers stressed that the Daesh group intensifies its activities and has made the stability of the country challenging.

“The situation is deteriorating in Afghanistan and no effective operation has been conducted against the Daesh group. The group is trying to reach Logar through Nangarhar. The government just launches operations against Taliban not the Daesh,” said Zaher Qadir, representative of Nangarhar.

A number of other lawmakers also expressed their concern to the NDS chief.

“We are not the enemy of the government and system. But there are more than 20 terrorist groups in the country. With what group we should make peace?” said Naeem Lalay Hamid Zai, representative of Kandahar.

The first deputy director of Russia’s federal security service FSB, Sergei Smirnov has recently said that About 8,000 militants from Syria have moved to northern Afghanistan.

“One of today’s decisions concerned this issue. We took note of Tajikistan’s warning of the threat coming from the territory of Afghanistan for the SCO countries which border on Afghanistan, directly or indirectly,” Smirnov said. “In the territory of Afghanistan there are about 8,000 persons (militants), who, according to Tajikistan, had been forced to leave Syria,” said Smirnov, who leads Russia’s delegation at a meeting of the Council of the SCO Anti-Terrorist Structure.