South Korea says North Korea’s latest Missile Launch System is capable to strike Seoul

WASHINGTON: South Korea claimed that North Korea developed a large-caliber multiple rocket launch system capable to strike Seoul.


South Korean Defence Minister Han Min-Koo said “North Korea recently test-fire the new MLRS several times, so the development appears almost complete.”


He claimed that MLRS would be operational by the end of this year.


North has improved its missile programme to counter Seoul and Washington.


The tensions rose in the peninsula after North’s nuclear test on January 6 and satellite launch with long range missile technology in February.


North Korea also tested a solid fuel rocket engine and developed road-mobile multiple rocket launchers which are hard to detect.


South Korea and international community put tougher UN sanctions on North to stop its cash flow which is used in its nuclear arsenal programme.


China always opposed unilateral sanctions on North but last week agreed for conditional ban on North during a meeting with US officials.