Imran Khan challenges; "Any Body can check SKMCH accounts"


ISLAMABAD: While rejecting the allegations of federal ministers, being hurdle by government ministers on Imran, PTI Chairman challenged to prove single penny corruption in SKMCH while anybody can check accounts of SKMCH.


In his tweet message, three million dollars investment had been made by funds of SKMCH but this amount had been received back by Shulkat Khanam Hospital in full in July 2015.


Anybody including Sharif brothers can check accounts of SKMCH but unfortunately, this hospital is being targeted by Sharif brothers to hide their corruption.


Imran further added that it is a shameful act of government ministers to raise allegations on biggest charitable institution in Pakistan simply to hide Sharif brother’s corruption.


There is much differences in the statements of PM Nawaz and his sons over their assets which identify tax evasion and corruption of Sharif family. It is the demand of entire nation that Sharif must declare its assets and clarify that how they got amount to build business empires.