US Officials respond on media reports of denying Visas to Pakistani Americans

US Officials respond on media reports of denying Visas to Pakistani Americans

The Pakistan Embassy in the United States has unequivocally refuted recent reports alleging that Pakistani Americans are facing visa rejections when attempting to visit their homeland, asserting that these claims are baseless. According to the embassy, such reports are misleading and fallacious, categorizing them as instances of misinformation and disinformation. In a bid to clarify the situation, the embassy's spokesperson felt compelled to dispel these unfounded rumors.

This clarification from the embassy was prompted by a question raised during a press briefing by the US State Department regarding the purported visa denials faced by Pakistani-Americans seeking to return to Pakistan.

In response, the Principal Deputy Spokesperson of the US State Department, Vedant Patel, indicated that he was not privy to any such issues and emphasized that if there were any concerns, it should be addressed by Pakistani consular officials rather than the State Department. This stance from the US State Department further underscored the need for clarification from the Pakistan Embassy.

The spokesperson for the Pakistan Embassy reassured that not only Pakistani-Americans but also other overseas Pakistanis are warmly welcomed to visit their motherland. The embassy is committed to providing comprehensive consular assistance, including facilitating visas, to overseas Pakistanis.

They encouraged Pakistani-Americans to utilize their National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) or acquire visas through the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington DC or the four Consulates General located in New York, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles. Moreover, the embassy highlighted that visa requests are accessible online around the clock, thereby alleviating any apprehensions that may arise.

In summary, the Pakistan Embassy in the US has dispelled rumors of visa denials for Pakistani Americans, affirming their commitment to providing consular assistance and encouraging visits to Pakistan. The embassy's clarification followed a statement from the US State Department distancing itself from such visa-related issues, emphasizing the need for communication with Pakistani consular officials to address any concerns effectively