FIA given tremendous powers for massive crackdown across country

FIA given tremendous powers for massive crackdown across country

The caretaker administration in Pakistan has made a significant announcement regarding the empowerment of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to expel individuals who are residing in the country illegally. This important decision marks a significant step in addressing immigration-related issues within the nation.

FIA will now assume responsibility for overseeing legal proceedings involving detainees who are implicated in various cases. This expanded role will enhance the agency's ability to manage and address immigration and detainment concerns more effectively.

In accordance with the government's directive, the FIA will establish information collection counters within several correctional facilities to gather data on foreign detainees.

Additionally, immigration counters will be established in five major jails across Pakistan, specifically to facilitate the repatriation of Afghan nationals. This strategic move aims to streamline the process of returning Afghan citizens to their home country.

Furthermore, the government has entrusted the FIA with the task of meticulously reviewing the status of detainees to determine their eligibility for deportation. This scrutiny includes the careful compilation of a deportation list and the diligent monitoring of the deportation process. These measures reflect the government's commitment to maintaining order and ensuring that immigration-related matters are handled with precision and efficiency.