Shocking revelations surface in investigation of PAF Base Mianwali terrorists attack

Shocking revelations surface in investigation of PAF Base Mianwali terrorists attack

Recent findings arising from the investigation into the Mianwali Air Base attack indicate that the attackers utilized foreign weaponry, underscoring the complex security challenges faced by the nation.

In a swift response to a thwarted terrorist attack on the Mianwali Training Air Base of the Pakistan Air Force last Saturday, the Pakistan Army successfully conducted a clearance operation that resulted in the elimination of nine terrorists.

The military's media wing confirmed the incident, stating that nine militants attempted to target the air force training base, causing damage to three "non-operational" aircraft. Security forces neutralized these attackers, with three militants eliminated before breaching the base, and the rest were cornered before the clearance operation began. The statement did not mention any casualties among security personnel.

The significant aspect of this operation was the recovery of foreign weapons from the terrorists. Among the seized arms were American-made weapons, including RPG Seven, AK Seventy-Four, M16, and A-Four.

Security and defense experts have expressed concerns about the accessibility of US-made weaponry on Afghan soil, making them readily available to various groups. They have highlighted the prevalence of American-made weapons in Afghanistan, raising questions about their origins and how easily they are obtained.

The troubling fact that terrorists are using these foreign weapons from Afghanistan against Pakistan has intensified the security challenge. The use of foreign soil for attacks on Pakistan underscores the need for sustained vigilance and collaborative counterterrorism efforts.