Shahid Afridi reveals why he chose Shaheen Shah as his 'son in law'

Shahid Afridi reveals why he chose Shaheen Shah as his 'son in law'

Shahid Afridi, the renowned former captain of the Pakistan national cricket team, affectionately known as 'Boom Boom,' recently shed light on his choice of fast bowler Shaheen Afridi as his son-in-law. In an appearance on Sama TV's podcast, Afridi explained the reasons behind this selection.

Afridi fondly expressed that Shaheen Afridi is not just an exceptional cricketer but also a genuinely good person. He highlighted that Shaheen's character and values were of paramount importance in the decision.

During the podcast, the star cricketer also disclosed that he had received film offers from both Bollywood and the Pakistani showbiz industry. He admitted that on a few occasions, there were film offers from both the Indian and Pakistani entertainment sectors. However, he believed in pursuing endeavors in which one excels, suggesting that his expertise lay elsewhere and not in acting.

Regarding the use of social media by cricketers, he emphasized that while social media has its place, the primary focus for junior cricketers should be their performance on the field. He advised them to prioritize their cricketing skills and allow their performances to speak for themselves.

Expressing his admiration for Pakistan cricket team skipper Babar Azam, Afridi conveyed his hopes to see Babar excel in major tournaments, akin to elite players like Virat Kohli, emphasizing the significance of big players shining in significant events.

Regarding captaincy, Afridi acknowledged Shaheen Afridi's leadership abilities. He noted that Shaheen had steered Lahore Qalandars to the Pakistan Super League (PSL) final twice, showcasing his captaincy potential. However, he didn't harbor the desire for Shaheen to captain the national team. He remarked that the role of captaincy comes with its own set of challenges and complexities, emphasizing the importance of managing it effectively.

Regarding the choice of Shaheen Afridi as his son-in-law, Boom Boom Afridi revealed that their families had known each other for a long time. He underlined that while Shaheen was indeed a cricketer, it was his qualities as a person that mattered most. Shaheen was highly regarded by those who had played domestic cricket with him, earning accolades for his character and intellect. For Afridi, these qualities held paramount importance, making Shaheen an excellent human being, not just a cricketer.