Russia gives stern warning over Gaza war

Russia gives stern warning over Gaza war

In Moscow, Russia, on Monday, the country called for an immediate end to the hostilities in Gaza. Russia emphasized that restarting negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis is crucial to prevent the risk of a broader conflict and an increase in terrorist activities.

Russia, which maintains diplomatic ties with Iran, Hamas, major Arab nations, as well as Palestinians and Israel, has repeatedly criticized the United States and Western countries for not addressing the necessity of establishing an independent Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stated, "The top priority today is to swiftly halt the fighting in Gaza. Failure to do so may result in radicalization, an uptick in terrorist activities, and an expanded conflict zone."

Additionally, Russia expressed its concern about reports of a communication outage in Gaza. In a move that had previously displeased Israel, Russia had invited a Hamas delegation to Moscow the previous month. Russia emphasized the importance of Palestinian unity based on the Palestine Liberation Organization, under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas.

Russia stated, "It appears particularly crucial to ensure national unity among Palestinians on the basis of the Palestine Liberation Organization, which includes recognition of Israel and a negotiated solution."