Hareem Shah makes new startling claims

Hareem Shah makes new startling claims

Hareem Shah recently made a candid and revealing admission about experiencing sexual harassment on multiple occasions throughout her life. This disclosure occurred during her appearance on a podcast, where the host explored various aspects of her life, including recent controversies and ongoing disputes.

When questioned about incidents of sexual harassment, Hareem Shah shared her personal experiences. She stated, "I have faced sexual harassment multiple times in my life. However, my response to it was such that the perpetrators suffered losses they couldn’t even comprehend, and they couldn’t understand how a girl came and went like that."

In response to inquiries about her personal growth and regrets, she expressed a lack of regret for her actions. She mentioned, "I don't regret anything I've done. I've never felt any remorse for any of my actions. I still can't say that I've learned everything; who knows, I might make more mistakes in the future, so I can't say that."

Furthermore, Hareem Shah discussed her involvement with prominent political figures, emphasizing that her actions were not motivated by financial gain or popularity but by her desire to clarify matters for the Pakistani public.

Regarding her viral videos and allegations of money laundering, Hareem Shah made a striking statement. She said, "I had money, but I'll make a revelation that in Pakistan, the very institutions (including the FIA) supposed to prevent money laundering are involved in it themselves. I have been involved in money laundering as well. The video was for someone, but I will reveal this soon. Many people take money abroad from Pakistan."

While acknowledging that her actions may not have been ideal, Hareem Shah shed light on the pressures faced by individuals in her line of work. She stated, "I know I shouldn't have done such things, but they are done because well-known personalities are often asked to carry out such tasks or to reach the public because getting things done outside or reaching the public isn't difficult. This chain may have ended now, but many people take money out of Pakistan."