Former PM Imran Khan faces another blow

Former PM Imran Khan faces another blow

In Islamabad, an anti-terrorism court consolidated the bail requests of Imran and Shah Mahmoon Qureshi related to vandalism cases and postponed the hearing until November 14.

Judge Abu Alhasnaat Zulqurnain presided over the petitions on Monday, and the prosecutor was absent due to a holiday.

There are a total of three petitions submitted by Khan and one by Qureshi, all seeking bail in connection with violent protests and vandalism that occurred on May 9.

The petitioner's attorney argued that other co-accused individuals in the case have already been granted bail, but the two politicians have not received the same relief.

Judge Zulqurnain decided to merge the four petitions and schedule the hearing at Adiala Jail, where Khan and Qureshi are detained. The proceedings were adjourned until November 14.