Switzerland President makes a surprise offer to Pakistan over Occupied Kashmir conflict against India

Switzerland President makes a surprise offer to Pakistan over Occupied Kashmir conflict against India

ISLAMABAD - President of the Council of States of Switzerland Jean Rene Fournier Tuesday said his country would help resolve the Kashmir issue if both India and Pakistan approached it.

Addressing a press conference along with Senate Deputy Chairman Saleem Mandviwala, he said Switzerland was working for the resolution of conflicts in different regions.

Responding to questions about Kashmir, he said Switzerland believed in protection of human rights according to constitution and laws.

Human rights should be respected and Switzerland as a neutral country wanted resolution of conflicts through use of peaceful means and by avoiding war, he added.

Jean Rene Fournier mentioned his country’s role in resolving conflicts between Russia and Georgia, and other issues among countries by making efforts at international forums.

Jean as Speaker of the Swiss Parliament stressed the importance of parliamentary democracy in promoting bilateral relations between countries and strengthening of people-to-people contacts. He said Switzerland attained its present form of democracy due to efforts spread over centuries and by following procedures.

Switzerland had an immense interest in Pakistan and its businessmen had invested in various sectors of Pakistani economy, he added.

Although Switzerland was a small country it was the 10th largest investor in Pakistan which was many times bigger than it in terms of population and area, he noted.

He said Pakistan had made great progress for improving its security and economy.

Security was important for a growing economy, he said, adding parliamentary democracy could contribute in various ways to boost relations as parliamentarians could easily communicate with each other as compared to government’s office holders.

He said he held meetings with President of Pakistan, Senate Chairman and Army Chief during his visit and held discussions on various issues of bilateral interest.

Jean Fournier said Swiss tourism existed because of the natural beauty and mountains bestowed by nature.

He said Pakistan had more natural beauty and as compared to 4000 metres high Swiss mountain peaks it had 8000 metres high peaks.

Security, stability and infrastructure were important for growth of tourism and one had to respect the nature to preserve it, he observed.

Speaking on the occasion, the Senate Deputy Chairman said as the 10th biggest investor in Pakistan, Switzerland held great importance for the country.

Appreciating investment of Swiss companies, he said Pakistan would facilitate Swiss investors.

He said, “We look forward to more such visits to Pakistan.”

He said it was easy for parliamentarians to talk to each other as they could discuss issues which government officials might be reluctant to talk about.

Earlier, the Swiss delegation witnessed the proceedings of the Senate.