Defiant Maulana Fazalur Rahman rejects PTI government’s offer

Defiant Maulana Fazalur Rahman rejects PTI government’s offer

ISLAMABAD – Defiant Maulana Fazalur Rahman rejects PTI government’s offer.

JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Tuesday said that the government s recommendation to form a judicial commission to probe rigging in the July 2018 elections has been rejected.

Addressing the participants of Azadi March on 6th day, he said "We reject every proposal for the formation of a commission and maintain our demand for fresh elections. There can be no change in the matter."

He siad the country would further move down if this government given more time. He said it should be clear that this rigged government is not acceptable to us and we are firmly stuck to our demand of re-elections in the country.

He said now it’s up to the rulers and government must announce to end sit-in if it wants to reduce its troubles. He said we would not accept any commission.

"Won t tolerate drama in the name of accountability in this country anymore," he said, lashing out at the government for its alleged witch hunting of political opponents.

Fazl lashed out at the government, blaming it for disturbing the friendly ties between Pakistan and China.

"We used to be proud of our friendship with China," he said. "We used to tell people that our friendship with China was higher than the Himalayas and sweeter than honey.

Now, even China is not ready to invest in Pakistan due to our leaders follies," he added.