US Forces bombing Afghan civilian homes and villages: Officials

US Forces bombing Afghan civilian homes and villages: Officials

Resolute Support (RS) has launched an investigation into claims by Chardara district residents that dozens of civilians were killed during a joint operation on Friday night in the district. 


“Resolute Support takes all allegations of civilian casualties seriously. An investigation of the incident is being conducted,” a Resolute Support statement said. 


“We are aware of allegations regarding the potential for civilian casualties as the result of combined operations in Northern Afghanistan . We can confirm an operation was conducted in Kunduz province on Friday,” the statement added.


“We will release more information as appropriate,” read the statement.


This comes after the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said on Sunday it has tasked security commanders to probe reports that civilians were killed in Chardara district of Kunduz during an air raid by foreign forces on Friday.


On Sunday, the ministry of defense’s spokesman, Dawlat Waziri, said army officials have not yet confirmed the death of civilians in the air raid.


According to them, a number of Taliban fighters were killed in the operation.


“We achieved major gains out of this operation, but the minister of defense has directed the commanders to probe whether civilians were killed or not,” said Waziri.


But Chardara residents said many civilians had been killed and over 300 homes destroyed. 

“The bombardment started in the morning and houses were destroyed,” said one Chardara resident, who was being treated in Kunduz hospital.


“Four members of my family were killed, what is the importance of life for me now, where must I go now,” said another resident of Chardara district.


“Fifty to 60 people were killed, all houses were demolished, nothing is left there,” said another Chardara resident, Ghulam Rasul.

Kunduz residents meanwhile have said that heavy fighting broke out between Afghan security forces and the Taliban in at least four villages in Chardara district four days ago. They said that ongoing battles have left at least three hundred families homeless.


“There was a tragedy, at least 45 people were killed,” senator Abdullah Qarloq said.


Officials at Kunduz hospital have confirmed that one body was taken to the hospital along with six wounded people.


The defense ministry has claimed that the Taliban sustained heavy losses during the operation but the Taliban has dismissed the claims and said none of its fighters were killed.

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