Mian Mansha has 6 offshore companies, reveal Paradise leaks

ISLAMABAD - Mian Muhammad Mansha, chairman of Nishat Group, has been linked with six offshore companies in the Paradise leaks

Four of them are in British Virgin Islands: Mallen Securities Ltd, Maple Leaf Investments Ltd, Lyle Trading Ltd and Dolin International Limited. 

The remaining two are in Mauritius: Croft Limited and Best Eagles Holdings Inc. An account in a Swiss bank has also been found connected with these companies which dates back to 1994 and was in existence till 2007.

Mansha said he had to move to the United States in the mid-1990s due to the adverse political situation in Pakistan. These bank accounts were meant to meet day-to-day living in that period. 

Finally, almost a decade ago, these accounts were liquidated and amounts repatriated to Pakistan through official channels and have been duly recorded in tax returns.