Farooq Sattar demands re-census in sindh

Farooq Sattar demands re-census in sindh

KARACH: Mutahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-Pakistan) chairman Farooq Sattar calls for re-census in Sindh after his party had already rejected the census results.

“Soon our water and other basic facilities will also be halved,” he said while addressing party rally against provisional census results at Liaquatabad flyover on Sunday.

Almost half of Karachi’s population has not been counted in the census process he said.”This is not headcount, rather omitting of headcount.”

Even the persons with disabilities have not been counted in the census. “We demand that the census process should be conducted again.”

If justice is not dispensed then we will expand our protest to every street and lane, he said. “We demand that MQM should be given political freedom.”

He also claimed that the current MQM-Pakistan will be turned into the MQM of 1986.

He had said that Karachi’s population in actual is around 30 million, whereas according to the census it is 10.6 million.



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