Pakistani students developed advanced telerobotics system

Pakistani students developed advanced telerobotics system

ISLAMABAD - A group of students from the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore have developed an advanced telerobotics system that could increase the use of robotics in local industries.

The system developed as part of the Final Year Project uses robotic manipulators for path planning and reconfiguring the path of robots in case of assembly changes.

Robots make repetitive tasks much easier but if the system requires any changes, modifying the patterns is a hard job and requires specialist services.

The system developed by these students comprises of a robotic manipulator, a virtual reality headset, a machine vision system and a processing unit.

The team comprises of Armughan Sarwar, Abdullah Humayun, and Muhammad Waseem.

The system makes use of Virtual Reality techniques for the training of robotic manipulators, which is otherwise a hectic and long process.