Strict punishment should be awarded to unhygienic food sellers : Dr Waseem

Strict punishment should be awarded to unhygienic food sellers : Dr Waseem

ISLAMABAD:Citizens on Tuesday complained about open sale of unhygienic food stuff in twin cities of Rawalpindi /Islamabad, causing health hazard effects on them.

According to them, the stalls of having burger, pizzas, fresh juices, milk shake, ice-cream shake, chats and soup at bus stops, markets and around the schools and colleges were becoming health hazardous for people particularly school going children.

These stalls engulfed with flies and un-washed utensils causing diseases like typhoid, diarrhea, food- poisoning and hepatitis.

Akhter Saleem, a citizen said "Drinks are prepared in very unsafe conditions by using contaminated water while artificial colours and flavors are mixed in use of ice-cream, putting public health at risk.

He said that Faizabad area has swamped with different food items where unhygienic food was being served.

Another citizen, Abbas Chohan said "Due to non-observance of food laws, these stall holders were playing with the health of people." He added there should be proper monitoring system to check the standard of food.

A public health practitioner, Dr Wasem Malik said that serving of this unhygienic foods was causing major diseases like hepatitis, ulcer and gastroenteritis.

He suggested that there should be punishment for those stall holders who have only concern to just earn money but not serving quality food.

He said "The department concerned should direct roadside vendors to adopt strict safety measures like using disposable utensils, paper glasses and proper covering of edibles. "The most appropriate step should be complete ban on these vendors."

He advised people to avoid eating food from roadside stalls and urged them to use only boiled, filtered or mineral water in summer. APP/AFP

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