Chairman Pal condoles death of Taj Bloch,Ata Muhammad Bhanbhro

Chairman Pal condoles death of Taj Bloch,Ata Muhammad Bhanbhro

ISLAMABAD,APP):Chairman, Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL), Dr Yousuf Kushk on Saturday expressed his deep grief on the demise of Pakistani writers Taj Baloch, Prof. Shaukat Mughal and Ata Muhammad Bhanbhro.

In his condolence message, he said deaths of renowned Sindhi writer, critic, poet and editor Taj Baloch, Sindhi researcher Ata Muhammad Bhanbhro and

renowned Urdu and Saraiki writer Prof. Shaukat Mughal was irreparable loss of Pakistani literature.

Dr Yousuf Kushk said that Taj Baloch has an important role in the promotion and revival of Sindhi literature.

The literature he has nurtured in both periods of his monthly magazine “Sojiro” is unparalleled. His editorials cover literature from all over the world and provide insights into the role of literature and writers. He encouraged young writers in his magazine. The themes he expresses in his poetry are an illumination for young generations.

His poetry is full of resistance, thought and encouragement. He was an active member of the Association of Progressive Writers and one of the founders of the Sindhi Literary Society. He was associated with Pakistan Television and Radio Pakistan.

He has also been awarded the Pride of Performance for his literary services. His books have received the Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai Award of PAL and the Jesus Award of the Reuters Guild. His books are a valuable asset to Sindhi literature.

Dr. Yousuf Kushk said that Prof Shaukat Mughal a leading name in research on Seraiki linguistics and folk literature and his books are the assets of the Saraiki language and literature. Saraiki language and literature have lost its contributor. His books are rich in basic research and hard work on Saraiki linguistics.

His books "Kote Kanwa" (2001) and "Multan Diyan Waran" (1994) was awarded the Khawaja Farid Award of the PAL.

Chairman PAL said that Ata Muhammad Bhanbhro was an authoritative historian, researcher and translator. He was well aware of the Pakistani as well as Sindh history and he did his research and translation work in good manners.

Bhanbhro translated H. T. Sorley's book “Shah Abdul Latif of Bhit: his poetry, life and time, A study of literature, social and economic conditions in the eighteenth century Sindh” into Sindhi.

Several editions of this book have been published. He made a name for himself as a renowned translator, researcher and scholar in Sindhi literature, political history, language and geography of Sindh.

In addition to his translations, his greatest work is the Mohenjo Daro script "Indus Scrap". His 22 books of historical and translation have been published.