US to manufacture F-16s and F-18s in India

US to manufacture F-16s and F-18s in India

According to a report in Washington Post, Lockheed Martin and Boeing have made proposals to the Indian government to manufacture fighter jets — the F-16 Fighting Falcon and the F/A-18 Super Hornet — in India .

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In both cases, the aviation companies would be building production facilities in India; Lockheed Martin proposes to move its entire F-16 assembly line from Texas to India , making India the sole producer of the single-engine combat aircraft.

Last Thursday, the president-elect attended a ceremony at a company where his team has brokered a deal to save 1000 jobs. Later, he warned US companies of consequences if they outsource employment.

The proposals have the strong backing of the Obama administration , and Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter is set to visit India this week.

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Although, Lockheed Martin and Boeing claimed that any partnership to manufacture jets in India would not result in a net loss of American jobs but would create Indian employment — about 1,000 positions in the case of Lockheed Martin.

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